Why don’t most toaster ovens have interior lights?

Looking for a toaster oven with an interior light? Go straight to the DeLonghi, Frigidaire or Oster pages. You'll find links for these brands to the right.

Most toaster ovens do not have interior lights. Although this fact goes unnoticed by many toaster oven users, others are quite upset by this apparent oversight.

Each toaster oven maker may have their own reasons for including, or not including, an interior light. But the general reason for not having one involves efficiency of space and energy. Most toaster ovens are designed to provide maximum cooking area within a small space and optimal energy efficiency. A light would just take up more room and energy.

On the bright side (pun intended,) when cooking in a well-lit kitchen, you should be able to easily see the contents of your toaster oven. You may have to pull the rack out to see something in the back, but overall even this will not be necessary. Toaster ovens are usually small enough to benefit from an ambient light source.

We have listed the interior light in the features section of any toaster oven that has one, for those of you who feel it is important to have one. DeLonghi, Frigidaire and Oster all make toaster ovens with interior lights. Click on the brand links to the right for more information.

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